Tuesday, December 8, 2009

5 Key Steps to Achieving Goals

By Preston Squire

Step #1: Be Clear on What You Want

Be clear on want you want and why.  If you're not sure, ask yourself what you don't want.   Whatever is the polar opposite of that is what you ought to be shooting for.

Be clear on why it's important to you.   Make a list of all the benefits that achieving that goal will deliver and a list of all the adversity not achieving it will bring.

Set definite goals.  Be specific.  If you want money, for example, you could state that you want to earn an additional $250,000.00 by the end of next year. 

Make the goal something you believe you can reach even though you can't see how it's possible.

Step #2: Commit Yourself

A goal without a definite commitment is little more than a wish.

Tell friends and family, who will support you, about your goals and have them hold you accountable.

Set sub-goals that are measureable so you can track your progress.

Review how you're doing periodically, say every week or at least every month.   If your falling behind, determine why and adjust accordingly.

Give yourself some motivation.   Promise to buy yourself a gorgeous dress, or HDTV or go on a vacation should you succeed and should you fail give yourself a penalty.   I've heard of people buying a can of dogfood and placing it on their desks.   If they fail, they know they have to eat it.   Looking at that everyday will prompt you to stop procrastinating and take action.   

Step #3: Stop Sabatoging Yourself

This is perhaps the most critical step.   You need to stop self-doubt.

Our minds are like a garden.  Weeds of doubts must be uprooted and tossed so the flowers can grow.
The best time to deal with weeds is as soon as they appear.

Create Burning Desire, Great Expectation, and Empowering Belief

You might also need to cut loose friends that cast doubt on what you're doing.

Step #4: Visualize, Visualize, Visualize

It's very important to have an emotional connection to your goal.  

Spend some time daily to relax and visualize yourself already in possession of whatever is it your looking to achieve.   If you want a spouse see yourself getting married.  If you want to lose weight (or gain it) see yourself looking great.  Really put yourself there.  Play with it and have fun.

This will strenghten your desire and tap into the Law of Attraction.

Step #5: Let Go and Let God

Trust that God (Source, universe, etc) has your back.  Don't try to control everything and don't worry if things don't always appear to be going in your favour.

Keep walking in faith.  Opportunities will present themselves so be ready to take advantage of them. 

Stay atuned.   Inspiration may strike at any moment and when it does, act on it.  Don't put it off and think it to death.    People tend to second guess themselves and worry they are making a mistake.

Keep moving.   The best thing to do is make the right decision.   The second best thing is to make the wrong decision.    The worst thing is to not make any decision at all.   If you do make a wrong choice, you'll soon realize it and reverse it and that will still take you immeasurable further than procrastination.  Trust your instincts, you'll be amazed how far they'll take you.

©Preston Squire 2009

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