Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Prosperity Thinking

It's been a while since I've last posted. Normally that's a sign I'm off my game and not focused. However, this time it's the exact opposite. I've been so focused on what I'm doing; coaching materials, writing my e-book, working other programs, building relationships and going on vacation, that blogging continually falls off the bottom of the 'To-do' list.

Usually I do post from work, however, my work schedule has been very full as well recently. It's finally calmed down a bit so I'm back to blogging as long as that lasts.

I now have a back-log of stuff I'd love to tell you all, but for now, let's stick with what's current. If time allows I'll backtrack in future posts.

The focus in the coaching right now is on Money and Success. FINALLY!! After all, who doesn't want money and success? Well, actually, I didn't for a very long time. Some money, of course, enough to live comfortably but really, beyond that, although I had some lofty goals, I didn't have an innate desire for more. I had, and am currently working on breaking, a poverty consciousness.