Monday, October 19, 2009

Website update

Just a couple quick notes on what's happening here at The Cup Half Full

 - I will be away for a week at a conference and unlikely to be able to blog or update the site for the duration

 - A full fledged website is now in the works!!  Development has only just begun and it won't be unveiled until early next year so I don't want to go into too many details at this point.  Obviously the new site will be much more robust than just the blogspot blog I'm currently using. 

The biggest and most important change will be the addition of a forum so members can discuss various personal development products that are on the market, ask other members for advice on why something doesn't seem to be working for them, talk about their favorite personal development coach, or to ask me or other regular contributors questions.   

The changes will also allow many of the lessor known personal development coaches, speakers, authors, (and even the big boys) to have a platform to connect to people looking for personal development.

Look for more details in the months ahead.