Friday, February 24, 2012

Made Perfect in Weakness

I was listening to an inspirational audio recording yesterday with my wife when I heard something that really resonated.  It's not a particularly new idea and in fact I've blogged on this here already but simply the way the speaker put it struck a cord.

The idea is fairly simple.   We get too caught up in trying to be perfect when it's our imperfections that give us character.  

He gave the examples of wood, marble, and jade.   You don't look at the lines on a wooden surface and think 'Oh, those should be straighter' or that the lines on a marble counter should be more equally spaced.   Of course not!  There's beauty in it's imperfection.  

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Your Time is Worth Money

By Preston Squire 2012

Yesterday my wife, Cathy Morenzie, had one of her clients cancel (she's a personal trainer) so she did what any number of women would do - went shopping!

Initially she went for a necessary specific item but then got to browsing.   She felt bad afterwards, as her time could have been better spent but she did find an awesome deal - classy napkin holders for a mere $.59! Only problem is the store didn't have enough to complete a set.

So, knowing I work near another location of the same store chain, she asked if I'd mind taking a look for more to complete the set.  Always happy to please my wife, I agreed.

So there I am on my lunch going through a store that encompasses an entire city block looking fruitlessly for these napkin holders and a thought comes into my mind.

'This is not a good investment of my time.' 

Monday, February 6, 2012

Put Money Where Your Mouth Is

by Preston Squire 2012

Do you know someone who always talks a great talk, but never seems to be able to walk the walk?

We all do and we all do it, at least in some aspect of our lives.  Either always talking about what you're going to do - someday, but certainly not today - or constantly acknowledging that you need to work on some aspect of your life, maybe promising to change, but instead of actually changing, you just end up acknowledging you're still committing the same behaviour later on.

Understanding why we fall into this pattern and understanding how to break it are key to finally stop talking about being successful and actually starting to 'put money where your mouth is'. 

Friday, February 3, 2012

There's Magic in the Air!

There's magic in the air!

At least that's how it feels.  Like God's favour is just on everything we're doing.

Being a personal fitness trainer, January is usually a slow month for my wife as many of her clients go south for the winter months.  However, without offering any deals or special promotions, she has been blessed with a rash of new business - several from referrals, some from her online presence and others from long term prospectives finally coming for fruition.  It's turned into a very good month indeed.   Of course, as her regulars return from their winter hideouts, that will only increase even further.

We've had new sign-ups for our Isagenix business and more interest of her e-book and online programs - again, without us doing any special promotions at the moment (although those are in the works).   Two people have come forward to promote her e-book through their channels as well as part of campaigns they are doing which should just escalate the numbers further.   It's just amazing!