Saturday, November 21, 2009

Pushing Through to the Next Level

By Preston Squire

When the Student is Ready, the Master will Appear.

I met Active Image President Cathy Morenzie at a very fortuitous time.  She had just started the Start Fast, Finish Strong 100 Day Challenge and prompted me to get involved too.   I had already decided to get more serious about my health and had recently joined a local gym.   So when I signed up for The 100 Day Challenge I made one of my goals to put on ten pounds of muscle mass.

That may not seem like a lofty goal but I had tried for years to put on weight, including going to a gym for a year in my thirties and working out with weights while drinking high protein weight gain shakes in my twenties and had only ever managed to gain five pounds at most.  For better or worse I was one of those people who could eat like a starving hippo and remain remarkably slim.

Cathy was kind enough to give me a fitness evaluation and set me up on a workout routine.  After that I was on my own.   During the fitness evaluation Cathy did mention something that really stuck in my head.