Sunday, January 15, 2012

Stop Reading - Start Doing

Here I am staring at a blank white text box, slowly watching letter after letter appear as I ponder what to write about in today's installment.   The trouble with being a blogger of an inspirational site is having some fresh inspirational thing to say every time.

As I think about it, all the inspiration quotes in the world did not make a whit of difference in my life, except to maybe temporarily brighten my mood (and take up some memory space).  For that matter 25 years of studying about success did little to help me either.

In the end, it's not about the 'knowing'.  It's about the 'doing'.   Fact of the matter is a lot of people who are doing right now, what you want to be doing, didn't get there from reading any inspiration material like this.  They simply took the necessary actions.  But how did they know what actions to take you ask?   They didn't!  Not initially.  They either figured it out through trial and error or sought the advice of those who had carved out the path ahead of them.