Saturday, March 30, 2013

Finding my Focus

This is something that I'm working on right now.

If I spend as much time focusing on my blog as I do giving my opinion on things that matter nothing in life on the internet (see yesterday's post) I'd easily have 2-3 blog posts a day!

Right now though my focus is scattered all over the place.   I'm writing a book (Dillon's Dilemma), sending two others out for publishers to review (Isecas the Dream Cat, Isecas and the River Nile), posting on this site, looking at versus other options, reviewing a book, helping my wife redo her website, helping her with her new venture Fitness By Design, finding other blogs to partner with, attending a medical clinic to make some easy extra money (I'm here now in fact even though it's Easter weekend and I wish I was at home helping my wife prepare), my day job, my family (which is another area I need more specific focus), church commitments, I've auditioned for a part in a play (which I must blog about) and life's usual assortment of things that must be done.

As you can I've spread myself thin and am constantly on my own case for why I haven't gotten more done in each individual area.

What I really need to do is to set myself down and refresh my goals.  Once I re-clarify what my goals are, I need to put them in order of importance, apply the 80/20 rule (80 percent of my time goes to the 20 percent of goals that will produce the greatest results), break them down in monthly, weekly and DAILY activities and determine what habits I need to be developing to achieve those goals.

That is of course a great idea, and I'm committing myself here to getting that done by Monday April 1st (tomorrow is a right off as it's a packed day with family / church Easter activities).

So we'll see you Monday with my results.