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The Eleven Power P's of Enduring Success

Remember these powerful 'P' words whenever life has you feeling down.

Patience - Are you being patient?  Things come in perfect unison to God's time and design, not ours.  Do not let your impatience frustrate you or move you from your path.

PersistenceMore important to success than skill, talent or education.  Those who persist are the ones who are ready to jump when opportunity presents itself.  The rest are not only not ready, they usually don't even recgonize opportunity for what it is.

Positivity - A optomistic attitude is a choice and a habit.  Those that can find the good, no matter how small, in every situation, are the ones who get ahead.   Every adversity, every setback, every heartache provides the seed for an equal or greater opportunity.  A seed not planted is wasted potential.  Always find the positive.  Everything in life is there to serve you.

Prayer -  Sometimes we must rely on God to give us strength, wisdom and grace greater than our own.  Let Go and Let God.  Don't wait for crisis to arise to turn to God, make it a habit, and grace will follow you everywhere.

PerspectiveOften the only real problem, is how we are viewing the situation.  We get so caught up worrying about the old, great tree dying, we forget we're in the midst of a forest.  As the old tree passes, the smaller trees finally come out of it's shade and are able to grow.

PromiseJesus replied, "I tell you the truth, if you have faith and do not doubt... can say to this mountain, 'Go, throw yourself into the sea,' and it will be done. - Matthew 21:21.  Whatever righteous thing you ask for, is given to you - in God's time and by God's design.  Hold on to your Promise and never let it go.  The enemy will always cloud your vision and try to steal it.

ProgressDo not stop.  Keep on, keeping on.  Learn from each of life's lessons and put it into immediate practise.  There is no standing still in life.  You are either progressing or regressing.  If you stop, you'll only have further to go when you start again.

PassionYour passion is like a fire, it must be given fuel to burn and fanned to become bright.  When passion is turned into a bonfire, it will keep you warm through the coldest nights.  Neglect it and it will burn out quickly.   Purpose is fuel, Promise fans.

Purpose Why?  What is your driving motivation?  What pleasure will success bring?  What pain will failure result in?  If you do not know, specifically, why you want what you want, how can you hope to substane? There is no wrong answer.  Follow your bliss. 

PriceAnything worth having is worth paying for.  There's always a price to pay but often in difficult times we lose sight that the challenges we are experiencing, are the price for what we want.  The price of growth, the price of wisdom, the price of freedom. 

PlanDo you have a plan?  If so, is it working?  If not, goto plan B.  Then C.  Then D.   Don't worry if it's the best plan, any plan is better than no plan, even if it takes you the wrong way.  Movement is always better than procrastination. Things rarely happen the way we plan them, but plans keep us focused and give us comfort in structure.  Keep your plans flexible but the Purpose resolute.

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The Eleventh Power 'P' of Enduring Success

By Preston Squire

I was sharing the Power P's of Enduring Success with a friend and he quipped I had forgotten a set of 'P's:
"Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance."

While it's not exactly rocket science or highly enlightening, he is fundamentally right.  Simply because you won't get very far without a well executed


The Power 'P's are tools to use when you feel like you are at your wits end, about to throw in the towel and can't see any hope of accomplishing that which you really desire.

Are you being Patient?  Don't give up, victory is so often just around the next corner if you only Persist.  Don't give into negativity, always remain Positive.  Use Prayer to boost you when you feel overwhelmed.  Check your Perspective; choose your fights wisely.  Hold onto the Promise the Lord has given you.  Even though it may feel pointless, continue to Progress, action and momentum are critical.  Feed your Passion and it will give you new life.  Always remind yourself of your true Purpose.  And remember whatever difficulty you are having, is necessary, and desirable, for there is always a Price to bare.

If you have checked all of those things and are still not seeing progress or feeling inspired, then you need to review your Plan.

First off, do you even have a plan?  Action without a plan is like trying to shoot ducks in the dark.  You might get lucky and hit one occasionally, but you are still a complete knucklehead.

If you don't you are in good company, or at least, plenty of company as most people don't.   The reason most people don't have a plan is because;

A) They don't know exactly how they are going to accomplish their goal.

You don't need to.  You don't need to know How.   The How will be revealed, bit by bit along the journey.  I assure you no one else who became rich and famous knew exactly 'How' they were going to accomplish it, but they had a plan.   You only need to start with a strong enough WHY.   Your sense of Purpose, of why you are doing this.   If your sense of Purpose is strong enough, if your Passion is burning bright enough, you will be like Hannibal:

"We will either find a way, or make one."

Indeed Hannibal did make a way.  He defeated his Roman oppressors by taking his army, including war elephants through the Alps to attack the Romans where they least expected it and capture most of Italy in the process.   Hannibal always had a plan.

B) They are waiting on God/the universe/Infinite Intelligence to deliver their Promise to them

I've blogged on this before.   I'm a firm believer of 'God helps those who help themselves.'   You have to be walking in Faith, not sitting in it.  If you are not Progressing towards your goal you are sending a very clear signal that you either don't really want it - you lack Purpose, aren't willing to pay the Price to get it, or your sense of Promise isn't that strong and if you do nothing then God becomes your scapegoat.  'It wasn't meant to be.'

Accept responsibility for yourself.  You need to create a plan and put it into action.  For Without Action, The Law of Attraction, Has No Traction.  If you are not already using the gift God's given you, why should you expect more?  Put faith into action.   There must always be Progress.

"The moment one definitely commits oneself, then providence moves too." ~ Goethe

Have a plan?  It's not working?  Then move on to Plan B.  The definition of craziness has been describe as repeating the same action, over and over and expecting a different result.  There are no failures.   There are positive results and negative results.   If you have a positive result, great.  If you have a negative result, good, you are one step closer to discovering how to achieve the result you want.

When dating I like to date women a little older than I am.   One of the primary reasons is because they have had enough failed relationships that they now have a very definite idea of what it is they are looking for in a man and a relationship.   If I don't fit the criteria, goodbye.  Which is fine because we are not wasting each other's time.   If I do, then they clearly articulate what their expectations are and it's up to me if I want to meet them.

Bob Proctor is fond of saying: "Every day in America, you hear about a baseball player signing a contract which will pay him a few million dollars a year. You should try to keep in mind that same player misses the ball more often than he hits it when he steps up to the plate."

Fans love baseball players with a high home run average.  But those players also strike out all the time.  Fans hate to see them strike out but they forget all about the strike outs whenever a ball goes out of the park.   The strike outs are the Price to be paid and those players and their fans gladly pay it.

In the same way, you will have plans that don't turn out as you had hoped.  Just accept it.   The reality is success very seldom comes the way we envisioned it.  People who are more successful than you didn't get there by simply having more success than you, they also had a lot more failures.  They just accepted them as a Price to be paid to make it. 

So if your current plan isn't creating the results you want, you need to reassess it and change it.

If at first you don't succeed