Thursday, June 18, 2009

Guard your mind Part 1

I was just e-mailing two of my friends about two completely different matters but the advice I ended up giving them had the same truth in them. It was also the same truth I had just read in Bob Proctor's book Born Rich and one I've known about for many years. So here it is for all to enjoy.

Yesterday I was watching 'Canada's Worst Drivers'. They were putting the drivers through an obstacle course, on ice. As expected, many were slipping and sliding around, fishtailing into pilons. One driver however, when confronted with a cardboard moose or policecar as an obstacle continual ran directly into them.

The judges explained to that person that when you seize your brakes the car will slide directly forward but that wasn't their problem, their problem was they were seizing their eyesight onto the obstacles they wanted to avoid, to the same effect. Instead, he was instructed, he need to look where he wanted to go and then he would naturally turn in that direction.

Too often people focus on the very things they are trying to avoid or dwell on the very problems - that haven't happened - that they don't want to happen. But life is much like driving a car. If that's what your fixing your attention on, then that is what you will move towards. We need to always be fixing on attention always and only on the end result we want.

Of course, we are not blind or stupid. You do not just ignore the obstacles that crop up in your life but you need to not focus on them either. Just adjust course and continue on your way.

Life is always full of challenges but do not let that bother you in any way. Just accept that as the way it is, deal with each one accordingly and keep moving towards your goal. If you look at the overall situation, sometimes it can feel overwhelming but you need only to address one day at a time. Surely any of us can get through one day no matter how difficult it may be. Now you may think 'but if every day is difficult then I'll get worn out' and that may be true if that is your focus. IF all you are looking at is the difficulties of each day you will tire but if your focus is on what the end result will be and how good that'll feel, you will find enough energy and enthusiasm to get through each and every day. Nor will they remain difficult forever.