Monday, April 1, 2013

Refocusing my efforts

One of my challenges is staying focused on what's really important.  I tend to start one thing and a week or two later want to start something else.   I have a ton of great ideas and I want to work on ALL of them but it's just not an efficient or effective use of my time and energy.

I listed a bunch of projects I was working on in my last post and promised to refocus and let you know my results.

So I reviewed my yearly goals statement, my life mission (to Lead, Love and Literate) and applied the 80/20 rule (give 80% of my time/energy into the 20% of things that will produce the most powerful results).

Having done that, I whittled my list down to:

Getting my Isecas the Dream Cat books published.

These two books are finished and just need to be sent off to some publishers.  Selling one or both of them could net me some (relatively) quick cash and be a huge moral boost.

Drive NEW traffic to my wife's site.  

Again, this is already set up to make money but is basically selling to a stale list.   We need to find creative ways and new partnerships to get fresh eyes on the site to drive sell-through.  

I'm still committed to refreshing/enhancing and making this site profitable but it's not revenue generating NOW and getting to a point of generating a meaningful amount of cash will take some time.  So at the moment it can't be a primary focus.

As always I'll keep you guys up to date on my progress and experiences.


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  1. you could put her URL in this article you wrote. Also, you could write more often. April 1st is your last post, which makes this seem more like an april fools joke than a serious attempt at keeping a blog.