Friday, February 3, 2012

There's Magic in the Air!

There's magic in the air!

At least that's how it feels.  Like God's favour is just on everything we're doing.

Being a personal fitness trainer, January is usually a slow month for my wife as many of her clients go south for the winter months.  However, without offering any deals or special promotions, she has been blessed with a rash of new business - several from referrals, some from her online presence and others from long term prospectives finally coming for fruition.  It's turned into a very good month indeed.   Of course, as her regulars return from their winter hideouts, that will only increase even further.

We've had new sign-ups for our Isagenix business and more interest of her e-book and online programs - again, without us doing any special promotions at the moment (although those are in the works).   Two people have come forward to promote her e-book through their channels as well as part of campaigns they are doing which should just escalate the numbers further.   It's just amazing!