Monday, July 12, 2010

It's Never Done

In a number of areas in my life, I'm happy but not fully fulfilled.  That is to say, I'm grateful for what I have, it's comfortable and pleasurable but it's not at a level I really want it to be.

This lead me to a question of whether one should live in a state of discontent, demanding more out of life and expecting it - walking in faith, or if one should merely be grateful for what one has.  Or both.

Both points certainly have merit.  Unless we are following our true desires we simply aren't living.  We're existing.  By chasing our desires, we grow, we expand, we remain motivated and enraptured with life, even while it challenges us.  God asks us to walk in faith.  To be bold, go forth and to trust in Him (assuming right action).

At the same time maintaining an attitude of gratitude is immensely important.   Whatever we focus on we draw into our lives.  So if we look at what we lack, we'll tend to attract more of that.  We need to be focused on what is bringing us pleasure to attract more of that instead.  If you do not appreciate what God has already given you, why should you be given more?

This lead me to another question.  What if you have a job or relationship you really enjoy but isn't fulfilling you at a level you really want to be fulfilled at?  Do you leave it, boldly expecting to find something better?   What if you don't?  What if you go forth only to realize that what you had was already great?  Or you simply fail to find what you were looking for and have lost what you had?   Or the reverse:  What if by holding on to what you have, you lose the potential to find that which you really want?