Friday, January 22, 2010

Course Correction


Okay, I just have to laugh at myself. Here I am, promising daily updates and it takes me a week to post another one. I have had some personal issue occupying my time and thoughts but moreover, I had a feeling of disconnect with my website ambitions.

As a consquence, and taking a lead from my spiritual being, I focused on finding my joy, while letting the thoughts of where to take my website, and other ambitions percolate in the back of my mind. In time the answers, to the questions I didn't even know I had, came to me.

While I do have a very firm desire to really build up my website, make a decent living from it and use it to reach thousands, if not millions of people with a message of hope, it is not my primary purpose in life. I will do it, one day, in due time. But for now I need to focus on my writing career, on my budding relationship and on my current source of income.

Turning this blog into the full-blown website I envision would be a full career in itself and not a hobby. While I'm happy to leave my current career path as a civil servant, I would not ultimately want the development, marketing and maintainance of this site to occupy my time so much that it takes away from my writing and relationship. And if I am to do it justice, then that's exactly what would happen. Not forever but for a considerable period of time until I was earning enough to hire additional support staff.

Now that might be limited thinking on my part but the bottom line is this: My purpose is to write and reach people through my writing first and foremost and that is where I need to focus the bulk of my attention. I will continue to blog and develop this website in my spare time.

Coming to this conclusion has really put my mind at ease and has put the 'joy' back into working on this blog.

I look forward to having fun, implementing much of the functionality I have been planning and working on, without going crazy trying to make a 'professional' site. More of a personal journey we can share together.