Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Isagenix - Can I Actually Become Rich Selling Isagenix?

Confession: I am not a Isagenix Millionaire, nor am I striving to become one (although I reserve the right to become one in future).   I do use some Isagenix products (Isalean bars mainly).  My wife, who is a health professional, does endorse and enroll people in Isagenix but this is not her primary focus just a side income.

Over the past two years I have been in touch directly and indirectly with a lot of people who are involved in Isagenix.  There are some people who I introduced to the products when I was actively involved who are still using the products and there are many who are not.   There are people who started before (or after) I did who are still involved in the business side of Isagenix and there are many who are not.  This has given me some unbiased perspective over the last couple years on if the claims of becoming a millionaire by Isagenix are, in fact, true or not.

In my personal experience, I can say very confidently, it is, in fact, True.  However, I cannot said with any certainty at all if it is true for you.  I have seen it happen to at least one person I know, have met others it happened to and know many others well on their way to that goal.  It is absolutely, one hundred percent possible to earn a million dollars by selling and enrolling people in Isagenix.

Let me clarify something here.   What Isagenix calls an Isagenix Millionaire, is someone who has earned cumulatively, one million dollars through Isagenix.   This is notably different than being a millionaire or someone with a current net worth of one million or more.   For example, I could claim to be a civil servant millionaire because cumulatively I have earned over one million dollars in my fifteen plus years of service.  But I certainly don't have one million dollars, nor are worth anything close to one million dollars.  I have a nice house and car but otherwise have to pay all my bills, my kid's education and sports programs and then struggle to find vacation money on top of that.

Although I will say from my experience it doesn't take active Isagenix promoters 10-20 years to earn a million like it does for most of us.   Closer to 5-7 years.  And their income continues to grow exponentially assuming they remain active promoters.   Meaning their second million comes much quicker than the first.  And to clarify, there ARE people in Isagenix making one million plus a year, probably about 20 of them.  But there are over a hundred Isagenix 'Millionaires' and that goes up every time I look.

Most importantly Isagenix provides a duplicatable  system to achieve the target of earning a million dollar.  You don't have to reinvent the wheel and almost certainly you'd do yourself an injustice by trying to in Isagenix.  Enroll with someone who has made it (or well on their way to making it) or at least with someone who can put you in direct touch with such a person, and then do exactly what they tell you to do.  Don't do your own version of it, don't try to figure it out, don't lone wolf it and don't half-ass it.  Do exactly what they tell you to do, as they tell you to do it, in the manner they prescribe and don't deviate.  Don't get discouraged, it's not an overnight process and you will have to face a mountain of rejection (N.O. means Next Opportunity).  But it does work if you work it. And stick with it.  And work hard at it.

Isagenix is NOT a get rich quick scheme.   It is a way to get rich, and while it will be relatively quick compared to what most of us are doing now, it will start slowly and uncertainly (but doesn't have too) and take time to build.  The more you work it, the better it works.  Moreover, Isagenix is a fantastic INVESTMENT opportunity.  I don't know of anything that pays out better in the long term than Isagenix, especially considering the investment involved, other than running a full time, and very successful business, which is a heck of a lot more work!

So the question meanings, is Isagenix right for you?  That's hard to answer, but if you're afraid of talking to people, or afraid of rejection, then you either need to get over that or forget Isagenix because it'll involve needing to speak to a LOT of people.  Many of which, for whatever reason, won't be interested.  You also have to be willing to put in the hours.    People will tell you, you can do Isagenix part time, and you can, but you won't likely ever get rich treating Isagenix as a hobby.   If you want to 'get rich' then be prepared to work it for at minimum two solid hours a day to start, and then increasing to four or more as it slowly supplements and then replaces your pay.  Now of course that's a lot better than the eight or more hours you are likely working now but those need to be disciplined hours, not time spent shuffling paperwork and chit-chatting and saying you're working Isagenix when you're really procrastinating and wasting time. So you need a lot of self-discipline and focus.   Even with all the support and the path laid out before you, you still have to become a self-made millionaire here.

If you want a nine-to-five job, then Isagenix isn't for you.  It will involve talking to a lot of people whenever they are available to talk, which is usually evenings and weekends, so be prepared to give them up. Conversely you'll be able to enjoy a round of golf or day at the spa while everyone else is working 9-5.

As for myself, I found that I'm really not a social person.  I found myself talking to lots of people but my only incentive to do so was Isagenix which felt very false and forced to me.  Also, while I'm very happy to become wealthy, I'd much rather do it my selling my own products, not someone else (although I do love Isagenix's products).  At least, that's where I'm at now.  Once I can quit my full-time job, then I might be happy to give Isagenix two hours out of my day to make another million.

Isagenix is a great way to make money, if you can get behind it One Hundred Percent.  Honestly, if you're going to mostly commit, you will get some results but as people drop off (and they will despite the products being every bit as good as advertised) or during a dry spell where you can't seem to get anyone enrolled, you will likely quit or just push Isagenix to the back burner and focus on what you know instead.  That's right, on your 9-5 job and your kids, hobbies, favorite TV shows and whatnot which are all more urgent and immediately rewarding than that Isagenix thing that's not really working for you at the moment.  You have to be FULLY committed to push through these periods.  Of course, that's true for anything in life not just Isagenix.

If you want to have someone show you the way to make money, are willing to do whatever it takes, and can follow orders (I mean it, DO IT AS THEY SAY! If they've made a million, or at least are bring in more cash a week than you are, then don't mess with the system.  MASTER the system.  Get a virtual PHd in the Isagenix business model and THEN go ahead and try doing your own version of it.) then you can be very successful with Isagenix.  If that sounds like something you can get behind then go back to whomever told you about Isagenix and enroll.  Then go to some meetings or conferences or whatever.  IMPORTANTLY make it your mission to meet the people in your UPLINE, especially those who are successful full time Isagenix promoters or millionaires and MODEL them.   If you don't have an Isagenix contact then Contact me..  I'm not enrolling people but I can put you in touch with successful Isagenix people who are.

Whatever you decide - good luck!  And I hope you find the rest of this blog useful in inspiring you to success.

Preston Squire

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NOTE: This has become my most popular post and I'm commonly asked for referrals.  Feel free to email if you have questions but for the most part I refer people to my friend and Isagenix (soon to be if not already by the time you read this) millionaire Steven Bentley.  You can contact him direct at bentleycoaching@mac.com and just tell him I (Preston) referred you.
DISCLAIMER: I am not an active Isagenix sales rep - I make ZERO dollars from referring you to anyone even Steve.   But you tell Steve he owes me a nice dinner (again).

ISAGENIX REPS: If you're an Isagenix promoter - Please feel free to leave your details in the comments below.  Many people come to this page looking for information on Isagenix and want to sign up afterwards.   Please state where your located (because it helps if your local to someone) and your level of success.

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  1. You can control your weight loss by use isagenix Australia product. It is really good for weight loss. Isagenix

  2. It is usefully. I am a stay at home mom and would like to stay that way but bringing in some kind of income would be nice. not sure if this is the answer but it gives me a REAL idea of the commitment. Can you elaborate on how you get paid? do they mail you a check? do they handle all the tax implications, sales and income (fed, state, local SS and Medi)? Do they provide W2's? are there quota's you have to meet? If you do decide to not continue enrolling people can you still be an associate and get the discount on the products?

    1. I can give you all the info you need if you are still interested. I'm on a millionaire team and we have many stay at home moms on the team. Along with professional athletes and Doctots. Email me at: k1gp_bound@yahoo.com

  3. Hi 'Anonymous' mom. In reply to your questions - first off, Isagenix (or any mlm company) is not an employer. As an Isagenix representative you are SELF-employeed. This means, everything from putting money aside for taxes to claiming expenses (claim everything!) is up to you. This might seem like a huge bother but it's really a huge blessing because as a self-employed person you can largely write off a ton of things (a portion of your house that you use as an Isagenix office, portion of your car, gas, meals for 'business meetings', that new PC you got for, ah, Isagenix, etc., etc., and reduce your effective income to almost nothing. But it is a very different mindset. One of the big challenges people have in succeeding with Isagenix (or any mlm) is a corporate mindset. They want to work 9-5, do as their told, nothing else, and get pay, benefits, etc. Self-employed people don't work or think like that. You hussle. You self promote shamelessly. You work whatever hours are required (goes for lawyers, doctors and other self-employeed people too) and you get the job done. It's 100% up to you and there's no boss to make sure you're on top of things. You have to be your own boss (Your Isagenix higher-ups will guide and advise). As such, the only quotas are the ones you set for yourself (I do suggest you set some that are both realistic (for you right now) and a bit of a stretch at the same time.
    And yes you can be an associate and get the discount without ever enrolling anyone at all. But my wife enjoys getting her Isagenix shakes for free, so she does enroll people here and there (enough to cover her own supply costs and then a little extra cash to boot.)
    The great thing is, if you want to do it part time - you can - and you'll get part time results. No business is going to be 'successful' with it's only employee working part time. So if you want a 'real' business, do expect to put solid hours of actually picking up the phone and talking to people daily to build it. It does work, absolutely, if you work it. But it may be (well) outside of your comfort zone initially.
    Isagenix deposits money into a 'Isa-wallet' which you can then withdraw from (transfer into your bank account) at any time, or use it to pay for your own Isagenix products (you must be ordering a basic amount to remain 'active')
    Hope that answers all your questions. Good luck!

  4. Isagenix is really like a business opportunity for everyone. Ya! Its true that we can become rich selling Isagenix accepting not quickly. It depends on us that how eligible we are. I knew about it because i also a Isagenix associate. So we don't lose this opportunity.

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  6. I am currently in my first month as an Isagenix Associate. I am placed under my stepdaughter, whose infamous grandfather is Jimmy "the butcher" Smith. I've been working 9-5 as a legal assistant for 30 years and I am giving Isagenix my all - free time, weekends, etc. I am willing to help others placed under me to become financially free! Contact me at 856-816-8406 to join the Isa dream team. Website: dimenna.isagenix.com
    Andrea DiMenna

  7. I've just started isagenix after meeting one of its millionaires (randomly). I can't believe how willing she is to give her time to newbies. If anyone wants to connect with her just email me kns_12@hotmail.com. I don't think it matters where you live...even just a phone call with her is uber informative. Kat

  8. The products have fructose in them. Good by rear. ANY company that tells people replacing REAL food with shakes is stupid and bad.

  9. I lost almost 200 lbs with isagenix. .helping others both health and wealth wise globally i am in Texas. .. isagirl72@gmail.

  10. I have a friend who has used Isagenix for years. She has also managed to build a solid business. Now I am using the products and feeling great. Actually my A1C has been declining since using the skakes. I am just a 50+ dude getting into the business and if you would like to connect with me and do the same... email me. spencermcdonald @ me . com.

  11. I'm just now starting my Isagenix journey and I'm building a successful business with it. I'm based in Miami, but happy to connect with people from all over!

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  12. I just started my Isagenix journey, and now I'm building a successful business with it. I'm based in Miami, but happy to connect with others from all over.

    Visit my website: revitamiami.isagenix.com

  13. I have been with Isagenix for just 90 days---and WOW! I can't say enough good things about the products, people and the compensation plan! If love to talk with anyone interested, answer questions, and make connections.
    Email me at: jenhbecker@gmail.com

  14. I just became an associate in December 2015. I cannot believe the transformation I've seen from Isagenix and the support from those who use it! If you'd like to know more, please feel free to email me at isagenix.with.alexandra@outlook.co I'd love to answer any questions you may have or help get you signed up for your life changing journey.

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  16. I'm new to isagenix, lover of fitness and health and would love to help you reach your health and or wealth goals! Let me know if I can be of help!!
    Jene wangerin

  17. This post was very informative. Thank you! I have been using the Isagenix products and love them. I have also just started my journey as an associate and consultant. I would love to speak with anybody about how Isagenix is working for, and many others! I belong to a great team in Ontario!


  18. Hi Everyone, great post Preston thank you! If you are looking for a fun, positive, driven, and supportive group of people to work WITH while positively influencing new lives then please visit my page and or send me an email. We believe in helping others to be successful no matter whose line they are in. This is a great opportunity to branch out from the regular 9 to 5 and really stretch out of your normal box.

    I look forward to any questions you have!
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