Monday, March 21, 2011

Rejuvenate your Body

Usually I talk about renewing your mind or soul but for today let's talk about the body.   
 Remember that James Brown classic, 'I Feel Good'? 

I've had that running through my head all day, and with good reason.  I feel great!!  I just had to share why.  My friend put me onto doing a 30 day body cleanse.  I had no idea what that was, and frankly, when I saw what she was doing (substituting shakes for meals) I didn't have any interest in joining her.  However a week and a half later and I was sold.  She's lost 10 pounds, has more energy, is more alert, sleeping better and in brighter spirits.  She even reported that her joint pain, which she'd had for months - had gone.  What is this miracle drug I wondered?  It's no drug at all, merely a choice to provide your body with all the minerals and nutrients it needs and forgo the toxins we usually choose to consume for short term pleasure.

When I started, I knew there would be an adjustment period, caffine headaches, hunger, tireness.  However, to my surprise I barely had any caffine withdrawl and only mild hunger.  By the third day, I was walking into a gas store filled with the usual assortment of candy bars, potato chips, Tim Hortons and instead of craving them, I felt disgusted.  'No wonder North American's are so overweight! There's sugar everywhere you look,' I thought to my own surprise.  I did have quite a bit of tireness at first but when my counsultant realized I was still hitting the weight room in the gym everyday (I don't really need to lose weight... OK maybe an inch), they adjusted my plan and I felt fine after that.

And now, after a week - I FEEL GOOD! Just Like I Knew I Would. I Feel Good. Just Like I Knew I Would Now. So Good, So Good, I Got You.    More energy, more alertness, I was practically bouncing off the walls this morning, singing and dancing - without even a sip of coffee!

Can't say if I lost weight, as I'm actively trying to put on muscle mass (which weights more) but I'll let you know if my pants start to become looser. 
For more information on body cleansing click here.