Thursday, August 2, 2012

Getting out of 'I Don't Know'

I'm about to start work on my Young Adult Novel tentatively entitled 'Dillon's Dilemma' which I've been reluctant to do because I've been having a case of writer's block.

I'm at one scene where the hero is being chased through a parking lot, except, in my research I've discovered where the characters must be, in order to maintain real world accuracy there is no parking lot.

So now I must rewrite but I'm feeling stuck because I'm walking around in a state of 'I don't know'.  That is to say, I can't yet envision how the scene will work without the features I originally wrote in.  However, it just occurred to me that I never write in a state of 'know', I write all my books and articles like this, in a state of 'faith'. I just trust that as I start writing, the exact 'how' will be revealed.