Friday, September 23, 2011

Stay in the moment

When you think about the future you want, do you start seeing all the challenges along the way?  

Or perhaps you remember all the times you failed or all the times someone else, or just life itself messed you up? 

It's quite normal, most everyone does it.  

But your future is not determined by your past.  Nor is it determined by your imagined problems.  Unless you allow those things to control your mind.  

Your future, your bright, beautiful future is always created in the now.  What you're doing in this present moment, will always determine what comes next.   

Forget the past - it's gone.  Don't fuss over the future - it hasn't happened. Stay in the moment. Right now, with me, take the steps, big or small, that lead to your desired future.   Then just keep going.  Just keep on going.