Sunday, December 20, 2009

Step 2: Commit Yourself

by Preston Squire

This is an extrapolation of Step 2 in the 5 Key Steps To Achieving Goals

Step #2

Commit Yourself

We are at the start of a new decade.  Whenever a new year, decade, century rolls around we like to look ahead at the possibilities.   But let's look back for a second.

Ten years ago was the beginning of the new millenium, the best calendar change any of us alive today will ever witness.  While we all remember the overblown threat of Y2K once the clocks moved to 12:01am we all breathed a collective sign of relief and moved on looking forward to what the 2000's would bring.

It was the year that George W. Bush was first elected President, the USS Cole was badly damaged by suicide bombers in Omar, Tiger Woods became the first golfer in 47 years to win three majors in a calendar year and Madonna married Guy Ritchie.
Thinking back, do you remember what your hopes and dreams were then?  Are you today where you envisioned yourself to be in ten years back in 2000?

Most likely you've succeeded in some areas but not in others.   Barring severe unforseeable events, the reason you succeed in some areas but not others all boils down to your decisions.   Day by day the decisions you made inexonerably lead you to this point.   Consciously or subconsciously you made value decisions on what to focus on.

Now the areas where you succeed may not be the areas you felt were the most critically important.  So why didn't you focus on those areas instead?   Because you never truly decided to.  You never commited yourself fully.

The word 'decision' comes from the latin word 'de', which means 'from' and 'caedere' which means 'to cut'.   So to make a decision literally means to cut from all other alternatives.   You decide to do one thing and cut away any other choices so you are left with only the one path to follow.
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