Thursday, February 9, 2012

Your Time is Worth Money

By Preston Squire 2012

Yesterday my wife, Cathy Morenzie, had one of her clients cancel (she's a personal trainer) so she did what any number of women would do - went shopping!

Initially she went for a necessary specific item but then got to browsing.   She felt bad afterwards, as her time could have been better spent but she did find an awesome deal - classy napkin holders for a mere $.59! Only problem is the store didn't have enough to complete a set.

So, knowing I work near another location of the same store chain, she asked if I'd mind taking a look for more to complete the set.  Always happy to please my wife, I agreed.

So there I am on my lunch going through a store that encompasses an entire city block looking fruitlessly for these napkin holders and a thought comes into my mind.

'This is not a good investment of my time.'