Monday, October 26, 2009

Freeing Yourself of Doubt

By Preston Squire

 I am not discouraged, because every wrong attempt discarded is another step forward.
- Thomas Edison

Creeping doubt is one of your worst enemies and I have been struggling with it myself as we all must do.

I was listening to an interview with Helene Hadsell an 80+ year old woman who has used the Law of Attraction to obtain outstanding results in contests winning a house, two cars, numerous trips and a ton of other things.

The interview was a sales pitch but they revealed a lot of nuggets of wisdom.

One of the most basic but fundamentally important is not allowing doubt to creep into your mind.  It must be rebuked at every turn.   One person used an elastic band on their wrist and gave themselves a good snap every time a doubtful thought entered their head.

I love how Helene phrased her method, 'First you Select what you want, then you Project it, then Expect it and finally Collect it.'   Select, Project, Expect, Collect, utterly simple in concept, though very difficult in execution, at least at first.

When we visualize, powerfully, emotionally, consistently, we set the gears of the universe in motion on our behalf.  However the instant we allow doubt to creep into our minds those same gears come to a screeching halt.   If we catch and rebuke the doubt the gears will begin again.   However the longer we indulge doubt the more those gears dissipate until they are gone and you are now creating a new reality based on your own doubts and fears.

Of course the world doesn't revolve around mere wish fulfillment, it requires dedicated action but your predominate thoughts also affect the actions you take.  If you are totally confident you are going to succeed in something, if you 'know' it, you act very differently than you do if you don't believe that you can accomplish the goal.  You take totally different actions.   The first is powerful and purposeful, the second weak and half-hearted.

Let's look at Helene Hadsell for a second in this regard.

If she wanted to win a trip to Europe she would seek out contests where the prize was a trip to Europe.  She diligently paid close attention to the rules and ensured she followed them to the letter. (When was the last time you diligently studied the rules for a contest?  Probably never.)  Once entering she would dedicate time to visualizing herself winning.  To aid this she would become familiar with the prize so she could clearly see herself there (or in possession of it).  She emotionally placed herself there, feeling the excitement and joy of winning.  At no point did she allow doubt to enter her mind.   She expected to win.  She simply knew she would.  

Did she?  Not always, of course not.   But she never let that deter her.  God's delays and not God's denials.  She merely rolled that vision over into the next contest.   Accepted that it wasn't the right one for her to win to feel her joy, or that someone else had wanted it more, but always 'knowing' that her winning the trip (or prize) was assured and if it didn't come from this contest, it'd come from the next.   Consequently she's won far more than mere odds would allow.

Another gem she gave was that most people, when they visualize success do it in an excited/anxious way.  They are hopeful to win, they really want it, they're really praying for it and optimistic God/the universe will deliver.   However that's a different feeling from the grateful tranquility of 'knowing' that God/the universe has already delivered it, you have just yet to arrive.   The first is constantly bombarded by doubt, clawing at the seams of your faith, ripping it every time something seems to go against you whereas the second is doubt free.  It simple is, there's no question it'll happen, as long as you create the opportunities, God will provide the answer.  You don't know when or how it'll happen, just that it'll happen.  Period, no ifs, no ands, nor buts.

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