Friday, March 2, 2012

25 Principals of Enduring Success

People are often confused and confounded about why they aren't further ahead in some aspect of their life.  We tend to think of 'success' as something elusive or something for someone more talented, richer, better-looking or lucky than ourselves.   As if 'success' was handed out by life like a lottery.  'Oh, you're talented, I'll give success to you'.  In real life there are a great many talented, rich, great looking and 'lucky' people who are in the exact same boat at least in some aspect of their lives. 

Success is achieved through certain specific mindsets and actions.  There's no magic to it, only a matter of determining what those mindsets and actions are and then adhering to them religiously.

Here are 25 principals that are foundational in achieving and maintaining the lifestyle you want.  We will look at them all in depth over the coming weeks but for now lets just do a quick overview.