Friday, February 3, 2012

There's Magic in the Air!

There's magic in the air!

At least that's how it feels.  Like God's favour is just on everything we're doing.

Being a personal fitness trainer, January is usually a slow month for my wife as many of her clients go south for the winter months.  However, without offering any deals or special promotions, she has been blessed with a rash of new business - several from referrals, some from her online presence and others from long term prospectives finally coming for fruition.  It's turned into a very good month indeed.   Of course, as her regulars return from their winter hideouts, that will only increase even further.

We've had new sign-ups for our Isagenix business and more interest of her e-book and online programs - again, without us doing any special promotions at the moment (although those are in the works).   Two people have come forward to promote her e-book through their channels as well as part of campaigns they are doing which should just escalate the numbers further.   It's just amazing!

For myself, my blogs, facebook and twitter presence has never been busier!  I've got an influx of people adding me and hits to this blog in particular are at an all-time high!  Not only that but the new traffic is spending more time and reading more articles than ever before.  There's a very healthy balance between returning traffic Vs new traffic as well.

It's time I brushed off and polished up my own e-book and get it posted as it's time I took this into high gear as well.

But who cares about me?  You want to know how you can experience the same sort of growth as well.  I'd love to be a Ryan Lee here and give you some sage online marketing advice, but that's not my fort√©.  Plus, as already mentioned, we haven't run any promotions of late.   All this additional business is largely 'unearned'.    That is to say, it was only earned through the normal course of our business and of course, following up leads but not through anything above and beyond.

All I can attribute this recent spat of activity to is, quite simply, following God.  We walked out in faith and now seem to be reaping rewards for having done that.  So more than ever, we want to continue to do exactly that.  Seek His will and direction and keep moving forward boldly.    A part of that is pushing even further into online content and user experience.  

So expect to be seeing more from us both in the coming months as we look to expand our 'brands' and provide you, with the best possible content, advice, programs and e-books we can.

Feel free to post below and let us know your thoughts.  What would you like to see on this site?

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