Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Law of Exposure

By Preston Squire

You are what you eat.

"You are what you eat" is a common expression and it makes perfect sense if you think about it.   Your body converts whatever food you're consuming into energy and body mass.  If all you eat is fatty junk foods, you can expect to end up with a fatty, junk body.   If all you eat is sugar laced foods, you'll likely end up a tired diabetic.   If you eat healthy, nutritious choices you'll have a energetic, healthy body.

The same can be said about our minds.  Have you ever stopped to considered what you are feeding your mind?   Like your body, your mind has no choice but to take the the food of whatever you are exposing it to on a regular basis and use that to build your mental muscles and energy.   Everything you see, hear, feel and experience is food for your mind.  Everyday there's a plathora of experienes that you draw from but it's the recurring experiences that will have the most impact.   There's no better way to hammer something into our subconscious mind than constant repetition.

Problem is, most of us aren't paying any attention to what we're feeding our minds.  That a few minutes and answer the following questions:

What am I exposing my mind to regularly?  

What is the environment that you're drawing from like at work, home, during your commute, at class, church, bowling, etc.   What is the influene of the people you're exposing yourself to regularly?

What is the effect on my mind from those exposures? 

Is it positive or negative?  Do you work in an poisonous environment?  Are some of your friends nay-sayers?  Do you have a positive role model?  Does coming home make you smile or fret?

How I am affecting other people?

What is the effect on others through exposure to you?   Are you caring, uplifting and a positive influence?  Or are you indifferent, negative or arrogant to those around you?

What can I do to medigate the negative exposures and increase the positive influences?

You may not be able to leave a poisonous work environment but you can stop engaging in gossip and complaining.  You can fill you mind during non-productive hours with positive influences through books, audio messages, videos, work shops or simply choose to be around positive people more.

Guard Your Mind

Be sure to keep negative influences from getting root in your mind.


Guard Your Mind Part 1
Guard Your Mind Part 2

Feed Your Mind

Get into a habit of feeding your mind powerful new distinctions.   Take the 10 Day Mental Challenge!

You are What you Think About

Or enroll in a program like Six Minutes to Success:

Review of Six Minutes to Success

Being aware of what you're exposing your mind to is half the battle but unless you take action to change your daily diet then you leave yourself at the mercy of the world around you.    If you don't decide what you're feeding your mind, others will be all to happy to fill it with thier gossip, complaints and 'realistic' viewpoints.

Use the Law of Exposure to your own advantage.   Give yourself a mental diet of nutrious food.  Start now and remember, you are what you eat.

©Preston Squire 2009

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