Saturday, October 31, 2009

Site Re-Branding

New Title

Effective immediately, Preston's Pearls is now been rebranded as The Cup Half Full.  This is in line with the direction the website is going from being a mere blog to becoming more community based with forums and user content.    This new name effectively conveys the ideas of optomism and discussion (along with the new logo which will be a half full coffee cup).   So one could envision sitting in a coffee shop with a half finished cup of coffee while discussing motivational, self help techniques with their friends which encapsulates what this site will be aspiring to become.

New Look

I felt that to go along with the new brand a new look was in order and brown was definitely the colour of choice to go with the half full coffee cup idea.   This is still a temporary look, as a full website is in development but this will more closely resemble the ultimate look and feel (minus the arrows).

Inspired Thought

This name and concept just flashed into my head as I was driving to the gym, mulling over potential names for this site.   The instant it popped into my head I could see the logo, the site design, the feel and knew that, that was the right name.   Being a common term and easy to remember name you wouldn't expect it to be available as an URL but I didn't worry about it as it felt like inspired thought (IE: From a Higher Intelligence) and as such, it wouldn't have been giving to me if it wasn't available.   Sure enough as soon as I got back to the cottage I did a search and the results are obvious.      In order to avoid possible confusion I checked if the variant was available.  It was taken but unused which is fine with me.

The fact that a name, logo and site feel was 'given' to me really gives me an even stronger sense of confidence that I am on the right road with this approach and this website in general.  I look forward to seeing it develop and to getting a chance to talk with each and every one of you once the fourms become available.

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